Known for their exquisite beauty, quality and variety, Ecuador offers an array of flowers selection.

Roses are grown at 3,100 meters (10,171 feet) above sea level, and due to the advantages offered by its unique geographical location, unparalleled climate conditions, fertile volcanic soil and high luminosity, Ecuador is re-known for growing the best roses in the world. These magnificent collection of roses, with brilliant and intense colors and beautiful foliage, have extraordinary quality and are highly demanded.

At the same time we have available year-round,  a large selection of other flowers, fillers and tropicals grown in lower altitudes, under the same unique conditions and optimum growing environment offered by the generous soil of Ecuador.  These flowers, fillers and tropicals, have always been admired for their sophisticated appearance and delicate beauty.




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Who we are


Flower Collection Ecuador, Inc., is a leading exporting and importing Company, founded with a responsible passionate spirit and one objective:  to offer a complete logistics service and superior quality fresh cut flowers at revolutionary prices.



We usually create many types of flower to adapt customers demand. We try our best to bring you the best service.


    Ammy Majus White



    Maria Theresa Yellow



    Black Beauty



    Black Magic



    Blue Vendella









    Eucalyptus Seeded



You will be updated with lot of new information in flowers or curious facts about our industry, promotions and sales.

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      - Gio. F -

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      I can’t think of something more frustrating for an event planner than going around looking for special fresh cut flowers when you really need them and not finding them. This is why, with my experience, I waste no time, I go straight to Flower Collection, they are not only very professional, but they have an excellent selection at reasonable prices and best service!

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      Serious business Company! Best Customer Service in town! Beautiful flowers, on-time deliveries. Flower Collection Ecuador is so reliable!

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      We are a big florist with many locations. I would never think of changing my fresh flower provider. Flower Collection is my best business partner. Over several years of doing business with them it has been a pleasant and effective experience.

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      I should blame Flower Collection Ecuador, Inc. for having me used to work with the best fresh flowers available! Direct from farms in Ecuador, the most wonderful high-altitude roses in the world. My customers would not take anything less!

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